“Most of us are raised to believe we are ordinary. The anchor of the universe is present in every child. A parent only needs to guide and step aside and let them fulfill their dharma. Help children remember that they can do or be anything.”

- Wayne Dyer


The idea of affirmations isn’t new. Most of us have at least a vague idea of what affirmations are and how they are supposed to work.

Even so, many of us don’t believe that affirmations are worth the time. You might think, “How can repeating something to myself that I know isn’t true make a difference?” 

You’re not alone. 

However, several studies have shown that affirmations can be powerful tools if utilized correctly and consistently. 

Affirmations can be an especially effective tool for children. There are several reasons for this we’ll discuss later. Affirmations are also free and require little time or expertise. If your child could use a boost in the areas of self-esteem, confidence, happiness, and developing healthy habits, affirmations can be one option to make those changes. 

You might even learn a thing to two to apply to your own life.


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