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“You can't be against bullying without actually doing something about it. “

- Randi Weingarten 


Bullying is the intentional infliction of physical or emotional pain by a peer. There is also a mismatch of some sort. The bully is either older, bigger, stronger, more socially secure, more confident, or holds some other type of advantage. 

Repeated bullying can lead to negative self-esteem and mental health issues. It’s bad enough that a child fears attending school each day, but the long-term effects can be even more devastating. Bullied boys and girls report anxiety, loneliness, and depression. 

At the extreme, some children even take their own lives rather than deal with more bullying. Sadly, this way of dealing with bullies has become all too common. 

Over the years, bullying has become more aggressive and is starting at a younger age. Physical bullying begins in early elementary school, peaks in middle school, and declines in high school. Verbal bullying stays quite constant regardless of age.


The statistics surrounding bullying are disturbing: 

  • Professionals estimate that over 160,000 children skip school each day to avoid being bullied. 
  • Over 3.2 million students are bullied each academic year. 
  • Almost 1/5th of students report being bullied two or more times each month. 
  • 25% of surveyed teachers don’t believe there’s anything wrong with bullying. 
  • Two thirds of students believe that schools do little to dissuade or intervene when bullying is reported. 
  • 10% of students drop out of school due to bullying. 

Bullying has been going on since the beginning of time. But, being common doesn’t make it acceptable. There has never been more resistance to bullying, or concern for the damage it causes, than right now. 

Learn more about bullying and what you can do to help your child, no matter which side of the story they’re on. 


“Not everyone has been a bully or the victim of bullies, but everyone has seen bullying, and seeing it, has responded to it by joining in or objecting, by laughing or keeping silent, by feeling disgusted or feeling interested.”

- Octavia E. Butler


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