Parenting Principles:  

8 Principles to Raise Healthy Kids and Build a Happy Home 

What are the best ways to parent? What are the key principles to keep in mind while fostering a loving family life? 

There are key principles you can use to help direct your parenting journey with consistency, love, and structure. 

  • Principle #1: We will discuss the importance of values and expectations in the household. When values inform expectations, everyone in the family can come to a place of understanding and acceptance. 
  • Principle #2: This section covers the importance of boundaries. Having a parent-child relationship is a strong source of guidance for a child. 
  • Principle #3: There are always consequences to our actions. This section covers the importance of teaching your children to take responsibility for their actions. Knowing that actions are followed by consequences will prepare your child for the real world. 
  • Principle #4: It is uncomfortable to allow our children to struggle. However, struggle is a wonderful teacher. 
  • Principle #5: When you have faith in your child’s ability, he will feel secure in taking risks. Knowing that you are always on his team will help your child stay motivated when challenges present themselves. 
  • Principle #6: Grateful people are joyful people. By expressing gratitude for each other, your family unit will grow stronger and happier. 
  • Principle #7: Get active with your family. Try new things instead of sticking to the same-old routine. Creating new memories and encouraging new hobbies are two wonderful ways to bond with your child. 
  • Principle #8: Emotional stability and consistency is difficult to maintain. Your children learn these skills from you. 

These principles can provide a source of direction in the maze of parenting.



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